Together We Can Shape Liberation


Liberation is a practice!

My trainings and workshops are interactive meeting individuals where they are in their transformation to antiracism and liberatory work. 
Workshops are usually one or two sessions that focus on a specific foundational topic in equity or antiracism. The workshops are delivered in an instructional style for a deeper understanding of what white supremacy is and how it impacts every aspect of our lives, I offer several workshop topics, such as decolonization, gender, disability, and more. All workshops include activities and exercises for real life application.
Trainings are longer-term commitments that dive deeper into introductory topics. Training sessions are centered on each specific group’s starting knowledge and the curriculum is modeled around the learning of the group. Peer-to-peer and non-linear learning is encouraged in these spaces because everyone has knowledge and experiences for the creation and shaping of a just and liberated society. In other words, no two trainings are alike since they are customized for each group.